Our Farmhouse

"Home is the nicest word there is."  - Laura Ingalls Wilder

Welcome to our home!  Handy Hubby built our home in 2012.  Doing most of the work ourselves means that our home is always a work in progress...it's what we do...a true labor of love.

A house is built with boards and beams.  A home is built with love and dreams.

I love to fill our home with things that tell a story...

...picnic table found in an old barn
...a rock found while excavating our property

...a picture drawn by my oldest daughter when she was 9 years old - a Mother's Day gift
...an antique rug beater

...a plant that my mom gave me, displayed on an old sewing machine

...a saltbox house that my dad made, displayed on the plant ledge
...cabinet tops displayed with treasures

...a farm sink...well, because it is pretty

...painted furniture, jugs and crocks - to remind us of times long ago.

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  1. You have a beautiful home..I love the farmhouse sink.

  2. Your home is JUST beautiful. Cozy, homey and beautiful. My favorites are the front porch, the kitchen counter and sink and the vintage things, I can tell that you love it too. I just love the "old things" too. Maybe because it is because I am old too! LOL. Donna at the Small House Homestead.

  3. I love that you kept your home true to your own style!! There are so many homes out in blogland that are all pretty much the same - your home is cozy and looks loved. And unique. Love it!!

  4. Lori, I had a few minutes [lazy and don't want to finish the kitchen duties...DISH WASHING. lol] so wanted to look around your blog some more.. Just love your house.. So pretty Hubby did and excellent job.. Enjoying your decorating.. Love it.


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