Our Homestead Animals

At LL Farm we have a variety of animals on our homestead...

We have a colorful flock of chickens.
They give us delicious eggs.  They also provide meat when we do flock rotation.
I write about our chicken adventures for Community Chickens, a website sponsored by Grit and Mother Earth News magazines.
You can read my articles HERE.

We have a couple young cows.
This is our newest adventure...
We hope to artificially inseminate them in 2016, starting our plan of raising our own beef.
Buying young calves was our frugal way of starting this adventure.

Every homestead needs a couple dogs.
Our dogs work hard...can't you tell?

We love all of our cats.

We raised a turkey for meat.
(What an adventure that was...you can read about it HERE and HERE.)

We enjoyed having alpacas...

Want to read a heart warming story?
Click HERE to read how Cashmere (the alpaca) adopted Marina (the barn kitten).

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