Monday, January 19, 2015

Small Bathroom Showers

We are thinking about finishing part of our basement....We know we want a family/game room, a kitchenette, and a craft room, we want to put in a bathroom?

Many sources, including suggests that if you are going to finish part of your basement, you should include a bathroom, especially if the space will be used for entertaining.

If we chose to install a bathroom, do we go with a half bath (toilet and sink) or do we install a shower unit also?  Handy Hubby says if you're going to put a bathroom in, you should also install a shower.

Because of limited space, I think a corner shower cubicle will be best.  But I must tell you, while researching shower units on line, I found a lot of options.  My Bathrooms Shower Sets has a great selection to choose from.  They offer showers and so much more!

Some options to consider:

Glass doors - clear or textured, square or rounded, hinged or bi-fold, slider or pivot.

Stationary shower head or hand held.  Top mounted or side mounted.

Trays - plain or textured.  Surround walls - paneling or tile.

Color scheme - I am thinking that subtle blues and greens will definitely lighten up a basement bath.

Fixtures,  seats, and so on.  I could get all fancy here and say steam shower, body jets, or digital...but let's keep it's a bathroom for the basement...I don't even have that fancy stuff in the master bathroom ;-)  

I am confident that if we choose to put a bathroom in the basement, we can have a shower that is not only usable, but a little stylish also!

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