Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hubby is NOT THE ONLY BOY on the Farm Anymore!

Look who came cruising up to the farm!
A MALE turkey.

Hubby is NOT THE ONLY BOY on the farm anymore!

It was never intentional...

It just kept happening...

When we moved to the farm, we had a dog...a girl.

We adopted a stray cat...a girl.

We picked up two FREE cats...both girls.

We gained a FREE dog...a girl.

We purchased six chickens...all girls.
(this was intentional - we wanted eggs)

We invested in three alpacas - all girls.

One of our barn cats had kittens...all girls.

We recently purchased more chickens...all girls.
(intentional - we like farm fresh eggs)

We are hoping Mr. Turkey will be happy here at LL Farm.

He has an arranged marriage (by us) with Mrs. Turkey.
They are currently living in a brooder in our basement.
Handy Hubby is building them a home to roost in at night and a fenced area to enjoy during the day.

And so it is...
Hubby is NOT THE ONLY BOY on the farm anymore!
Gobble Gobble.

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