Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Benefits Of Using Wood Ash Around Your Chickens

If you have access to wood ash from a fire place or wood burning stove, why not put it to work for your chickens.

In my recent article for Community Chickens I go over some benefits of using wood ash around your chickens.  Click HERE to read more.


  1. Interesting. I did not know that about wood ashes being a substitute for dust bathing. Sadly we don't have a wood stove, but I may ask my neighbor who does if I could have some her ashes. I have noticed since it warmed up that my chickens are dust bathing again in a bit of dirt out in the run. I bet they would be really happy with some ashes. Thanks for this post, it was great :)

    1. You're welcome. I hope your chickens will love it!


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