Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Children's Book

I want to share some exciting news with y'all...

My friend Janet Garman from Timber Creek Farm has wrote a children's book!
It's titled Margarita and the Beautiful Gifts.

It is a cute story about farm life...ducks to be exact.  Margarita, the duck, wants to give the farmer a gift and had quite the adventure in doing so.  

Of course, other farm animals are included in the book, making it even more adorable.

I think so many children are curious about farm animals, and this book is a great tool to feed that curiosity.  

The colorful illustrations help bring the story to life.

There are even duck facts scattered throughout.

You can order it HERE.
(Just in time for Easter!)


  1. Oh, that looks like a cute little book for children. They always love little farm animals. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your afternoon. Hugs ♥ Teri

    1. I agree, Teri. Farm animals are fascinating to kids (and adults) and this book feeds the imagination in us all. 😊

  2. What an adorable book! I love children's books.

  3. This is such an adorable little book and I love the illustrations. I visited Timer Creek Farm website and see that they also have some lovely yarn. Thank you for sharing this special book. Pat xx

  4. How wonderful for your friend to have published her book! It looks so fun to read, and I think the special farm facts scattered throughout the book are a nice touch too! :)

    1. Yes, Janet did a great job! The book is adorable, and the facts are educational.


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