Friday, June 9, 2017

Breakfast Casserole With Cottage Cheese

Who says 'breakfast' casseroles are for breakfast only?! 

I enjoy a good breakfast casserole for dinner.
(I'm curious...Do you say dinner or supper for the evening meal?)

The addition of cottage cheese had me wondering about this one, but oh my, it was good.

I've actually made this two different ways...

one with bacon
one with ham

both were yum-a-licious!

Click over to Community Chickens to get the recipe.


  1. This sounds delicious! I like cottage cheese but never would have thought of using it like this. I too like "breakfast" casseroles for dinner....maybe tonight.

    1. I agree Vikki...I like eggs and I like cottage cheese, but together...I wasn't so sure. It really gave the dish a silkiness to it, and I am now convinced. Hope you are too.

  2. You always share such delicious recipes! Oh, and we say "dinner". Thank you, Pat xx


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