Monday, February 23, 2015

Vintage Clock For The Mantel

Handy Hubby has wanted an antique clock for our mantel for some time now.

We love to go antiquing.
We almost always see antique or vintage clocks but they are...
the wrong size
the wrong color
and almost always, the wrong price!
(Meaning, more than we could spend on a clock.)

On our Valentine's date of antiquing, we found this clock at an antique store that is only about 30 minutes from where we live.  Isn't it great when you find treasures close to home? ;-)

It has the curved shape that Hubby admires.
The size is perfect for our mantel.
It chimes once on the half hour, and it chimes once for every hour on the hour.
(Something we all are still getting used to.)

The name on the face of the clock says Linden.
We did a little research, but haven't found much.
If you know anything about this clock, we would greatly appreciate hearing about it.

The color is a dark tone, a nice compliment to the mirror hanging above the mantel.
And a nice contrast to the white pieces gave to me from my Mom.
Best of was priced right!

We have a new found treasure and proudly have it displayed on the mantel.
Welcome home clock!

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  1. Lovely find ~ looks great on your mantel. Any sign of spring at your farm?

    1. Thanks Teresa. Spring...what is that? ;-) Weather for the week is suppose to be teens during the day and negative numbers at night. Trying to keep a positive outlook...

  2. Hi Lori,

    It's lovely to meet you! Your vintage clock is beautiful and looks right at home on your mantel. Enjoy it!

    Thanks for visiting Poppy View and hope to see you again, soon.


    1. Thanks Poppy. Something we have been looking for and finally at a good price...

  3. Replies
    1. Ellen, We had been looking for years for something like this that was affordable for us.... I am kinda liking the chiming now ;-) Hope you find one soon.

  4. What a nice clock, Lori, and it looks so nice on your mantel . You guys find some wonderful treasures! :)

    1. Actually, this last antiquing adventure was probably our best finds with the cabinet and clock. They were good prices ;-)

  5. Your clock is a great addition to your lovely mantel. I have a similar clock tucked away in storage. It is a Plymouth.

    1. Thank you Julie. Sounds like you could go shopping in your own storage...what fun that could be ;-)


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