Monday, April 27, 2015

More Baby Chick Photos, Some Answers, and Some News!

Thank you to everyone who has commented and e-mailed me regarding the
 Baby Chick Photo Shoot!

Today I want to show a couple more baby chick photos.
These were taken when the chicks were 5 days old.
Spring flowers were just starting to bloom.

The chic used for these was one of the Ameraucanas.
She has one of the sweetest dispositions and posed so easily.
(I have used this picture in my blog header.)
I think she knows she is special!  She will lay blue eggs!

{I also have some pictures of the baby turkeys, but I must say they didn't like to sit still.
I will share those pics soon.}

I have tried to answer most of the questions that was asked.  
Today's post will hopefully sum everything up.

What kind of camera do I use?
I have a Canon Power Shot SX150IS.  (It is at least 4 or 5 years old.)
That's it - nothing else - I don't even own a tripod!
Maybe some day...

How did you get the chicks to sit still?
In these pictures that I shared previously, the chicks were only a couple days old.
At that age they hold still (pose) quite easily, with just a little coaxing.
I had the props set up ahead of time, before I put the chicks into place.
I placed them where I wanted them, holding my left hand on them for a few seconds.
While doing that I had my camera ready in my right hand.
I was close to the chicks, so I did not use the zoom.
Once I took my hand away, I started taking pictures.  I pecked on the stand or moved the chicks as needed, for a good pose.
I took a few shots, hoping to get at least one good one.

(Because the chicks were so young, I did not have them out of the warm brooder for long periods of time.  I also tried to keep them warm cupped in my hand before and after taking the pictures.)

What did I use as a back drop?
I used an old book shelf that I dry painted a few years ago.
I used the second shelf.  This gave me the all over color that I wanted.
Using the second shelf helped to keep the chicks safe.  They could have fallen off the top shelf more easily.

What type of lighting did I use?
I did not use the flash on the camera.
I turned on my room's overhead lights and opened all the curtains for natural light.
That's it - I don't have any fancy lighting equipment.

I am excited to share...
I am working with a local printer to have some of the pictures made into cards and larger prints.
I hope to have them available for you later this week!

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  1. They are just too cute, Lori, and how neat about the cards! :)

  2. They are precious, and great photos too. xoxo

  3. This is the cutest post! The chicks are too precious and the way you have encouraged them to pose is delightful!! I really enjoyed my visit.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  4. Dear Lori, I don't know how much more cuteness I can bare ! Simply adorable :)


  5. These are all adorable! So funny, the one with the car.

  6. These are still so darn cute! Great job on capturing these adorable chicks!!!

  7. Love the photos ! I've done quite a few chick photo shoots and just yesterday began planning some more. With so many baby chicks hatching out around here I just can't help myself. Aren't they fun ?

  8. LL...That is wonderful news about the cards.
    , and I am glad the second two baby turkeys are doing well and growing...Enjoy your sweet babies!! :) ...CB

  9. You did such a great job! Thank you for sharing more photos and tips on the Art of Home-Making Mondays this week! :)

  10. Oh I love these photos! The one in the car is too funny! Great job on the photos. Chicks can be hard to photograph. They have been in my experience anyway!


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