Monday, July 6, 2015

Simple Summer Mantel

For our summer mantel, I have taken the simple approach.

Other than the mantel clock, it includes white milk glass and an old church hymnal.
That's it!
Sometimes less really is more.

The milk glass pieces have been given to me by my Mom over the years.

The old church hymnal adds a bit of height.
I like having the pages face out.  I think it adds texture.  

The mantel has a very calming look.
With the busyness that is going on around our little homestead, I crave the simple, calm look.

On the hearth I have added two old jugs, one on each side.

Just imagine...
people used to keep their drinks cool in these...

Back when things were more simple...
like our simple summer mantel decor.

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  1. Your hearth is beautifully decorated, LL! Keeping it simple is truly the key! =) Thank you for sharing! Have a fantastic week! ~CB

  2. I love the milkglass! So pretty to display on your summer mantel!

  3. I love simple more all the time. Less fuss, less to dust! Your milk glass is lovely.


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