Sunday, January 10, 2016

DIY Peppermint Bath Salts

Soothing bath salts infused with peppermint oil can have a calming effect on the body and help to relieve sore muscles.

Sound like something you need right now?

Peppermint essential oil is the first oil we ever tried.  And now it is a staple in our home.
It works great for headaches!

It's easy to make your own peppermint bath salts...all you need are three ingredients.

DIY peppermint bath salts
1 cup Epsom salt
1 tablespoon baking soda
4 drops peppermint essential oil
Mix all together.
Put in a mason jar secured with lid and band.

Add some twine and a tag, and voila!  you've got a gift.
DIY Peppermint Bath Salts are the perfect gift for...
Get Well Soon 
Hostess Gift
Just Because
...who says there has to be an occasion?

Happy Soaking ;-)


  1. You always come up with the greatest ideas, Lori! And, yes, this would make a perfect gift. I hope you have a wonderful week and stay warm. Pat xx

  2. Sounds like a great way to relax. So easy to make for a great gift too!

  3. Love you his. Do you use the whole amount in one bath?

    1. I recommend sprinkling some in the bath water to your personal liking...start with approximately 1/4 cup. Enjoy!

  4. My daughters would love this - they love peppermint bath products!! So would this be the same ratio if one wanted to use Lavender Oil instead of Peppermint? I love my lavender!!

    1. This is what I consider my 'base recipe'... I have used more peppermint oil, so yes you could use more lavender or any other oils that you like. The ingredients are inexpensive and it's so easy to make that you can play around with it. Happy soaking ;-)

  5. Great minds think alike! I guess we were both making bath salts at the same time yesterday lol! The winter cold nights made me do this. ahhh fragrant baths are truly relaxing.

  6. This recipe sounds dee-lightful! Thank you for sharing it on the Art of Home-Making Mondays Lori! :)

  7. Lori, I can't wait to try these. I got a box of oils over the Christmas holiday so I could start making more natural cleaning supplies. I didn't know you could put them in the bathtub too. So cool. I'm definitely read for a soak. Hugs, CoCo


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