Friday, February 12, 2016

How To Keep Eggs From Freezing In The Coop

a frozen egg

How to keep eggs from freezing in the coop is a concern for many of us this time of year.

During the colder months each egg that you collect is like a prized possession.  They can be few and far between.  Having to trash them because they are frozen and/or cracked can be heart breaking.

eggs in the snow

Prevention is key to keeping eggs from freezing in the coop.  Click HERE to read my latest post for Community Chickens where I discuss some preventative methods, including packed snow...think igloos!

yep it is still snowing
Yep, it's still snowing!


  1. I would be afraid they would cook here. Though someone in the neighborhood had chickens, because once in a while I see them walking in the street, and there is this one old neighborhood where they are everywhere, but they are wild. That's great that there is community.

  2. Hello Lori, Good to see a post ~ I hope you are well. Great tip thanks for sharing.


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