Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Outside My Windows

Don't you just love snow?

It clothes everything it touches with such beauty.

I love the sound of walking on snow.

I love the quietness of snow falling.

I love the smell of snow.  Yes I think it has a smell, don't you?

And of course, it's fun to play in...sledding, snowmen, snow angels, forts.

Although I am cooped up inside, still recovering, I am thankful for my windows.

Won't you pull up a chair and look out some windows with me... 

My oldest daughter took some pictures of the creek for me (and you) to enjoy.
It is frozen in some places, water is trickling in a few spots, and the rocks and pebbles peeking above the water look like snow covered dots.

Snow covered branches are like works of art, each one different.

Behind, you can see the snow covered pine trees in the woods.

Birds enjoy the seeds and bread crumbs.

The pockets of snow are a lovely back drop for this blue beauty. 

The red just pops against the snow covered branches.

My youngest daughter took a picture of this chicken.
They are doing fine in the snow, although they spend a lot of time under the coop - out of the snow.

The cows are looking for grass.

And eating my pine trees!

The garden fence, shed, and old apple tree look beautiful clothed in snow, but will take on a whole new look once Spring is here.  

I'm not rushing it though...let's enjoy each season!


  1. Beautiful snow pictures..ours is just about gone. Warming up this weekend.

  2. Such beautiful pictures! It's all in how you look and start to appreciate everything! Even snow can be a pretty blessing!

  3. Gorgeous photos!! Your property is just lovely! I have yet to have a cardinal at my new home - I'm sure they must be around but they don't come to my feeders!

  4. Beautiful pictures!!! I'm always amazed at how those fragile little birds survive such cold. Now that I'm older, I love snow mostly when I'm inside looking at it out the window (or at your pictures). Hope you're completely well soon.

  5. Simply stunning! How wonderful that your daughter brought a little of the outside in for you!
    I hope your feeling better soon. Continued blessings...

  6. Thank you for posting such tranquil winter photos. Whatever little that we have left of the snow will be gone this weekend. Enjoy the warmth of your house in this beautiful season. Speedy recovery to you, Lori.

  7. Dear Lori Leigh ... such beautiful winter pictures. We have had one of the mildest winters in Kansas this year. The past few days have been in the mid 70's. We have only had a dusting of snow several times so far. Of course, winter is not over, so we will see. Blessings & Hugs ♥ Teri

  8. hello lori,
    your winter pictures are soooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!! i love snow.
    wish you nice snowy days,


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