Friday, April 15, 2016

Farm Photo Friday (April 15, 2015)

When I fed the ladies some kale and spinach, I tried to capture some moments with my phone camera.

First, she casually checked it out.

Then she grabbed hold of it.

And tossed it into the air!

She successfully caught it and kept pecking.

I think she thoroughly enjoyed the kale.

And in other farm cuteness...

Did Shadow curl her hair for this close up?

Chicago was peacefully resting on some hay.  It's obviously hard work being a barn cat.

Animals sure can put a smile on your face.
I hope you're smiling right now!


  1. I love your Farm Photos!!! I think one of the "Ladies" is playing with her food, and Shadow is really stylin'.

  2. Oh they did make me smile... just precious! Isn't it fun to watch the chickens in the yard, they are so funny, the things they do always make me smile. Enjoyed this post today... and I do think cats have the life... lol!

  3. She's definitely amusing herself with that kale! What a beautiful cow. Your post did bring a smile to my face on this early Saturday morning. Enjoy your weekend, Lori.

  4. Such happy animals! And yes, they do put a smile on my face!


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