Friday, April 1, 2016

Farm Photo Friday (April 1, 2016)

Happy April Fools Day!
Welcome to a Farm Photo Friday!

Although hoping for peaches from this tree, the budding flowers are certainly putting on a show.

Spring is here!  One morning I looked out and everything was so much greener...things are popping up, budding, and is all so beautiful!

This apple tree produced 7 apples last year.  Hoping for more!

We built a grape arbor last year and planted grapes.

Last year I got some 'starts' from my parents.  They survived the transplant...

white lilac bush

flowering quince

rhubarb transplanted from my parents two years ago.

The ladies are all laying eggs now.

Handy Hubby and our youngest recently split the pasture, putting up more fence.

Doesn't it look like the cow is trying to roll out the fence?  Ha!  She's just nosy.

It's hard work putting up need a break sometimes.

Happy Spring!


  1. All those buds really show that spring is here. Looks like an exciting place to be! Enjoy!

  2. So pretty and green there. Sure is a lot of hard work going on there
    We shouldn't nr too far behind you to start seeing green

  3. How exciting - spring has certainly sprung on your beautiful farm!! My mom has a quince bush and I was just thinking I must ask her for a start - thanks for reminding me! I'm thinking of planting some fruit trees and a grape vine but I'm a little worried about the bears.....still thinking about it!

  4. What beautiful spring time pictures! I love your blog. Juli


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