Monday, September 12, 2016

Solar Powered Electric Fence

Do you remember my story of Cows and Polka Dot Pajamas?

Well, we finally got the electric fence installed.

We went with a solar powered electric fence.

This panel energizes the wire by using solar power from the sun.

This grounding rod is a piece of rebar from Handy Hubby's stash.
(It's the little rod behind the green t-post.)

We left the barbed wire that we already had in place...
Figured a little extra protection couldn't hurt.

This fencing just about kicked our butts!
It was definitely a two person job because as we unraveled the wire from the spool, it twisted and turned.
It twisted and turned and pinched our fingers!  OUCH!

Once we finally got a system going, it went up fairly easy.

We allowed the panel to charge for a couple days.

Neither one of us wanted to test it (duh!), so we let the cows do that.
Once we opened the gate, it didn't take long for Shadow to head right for the pine trees.
We observed from the porch!

She got a little shock, shook her head and hasn't tried again.

Mission accomplished!

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