Monday, October 10, 2016

Farm Sitters

It's inevitable.
Sometimes you need to go away and sometimes you just want to go away.

When you have chickens (or other animals), a little planning is needed before you pack those bags.

If you go away for a day trip, a friend or neighbor can minimally take care of your animals.
If gone for longer periods of time, we hire farm sitters.

I entice them with food, pay, and a list.
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  1. We hire farm sitters. We have a couple of good ones!

  2. That sounds like a great job! Sign me up! ;0D

  3. I have a neighbor who has animals who comes over and watches our animals when we have to leave. I didn't know there were such a thing as farm sitters, but that sounds like a wonderful resource if you have a lot of animals!

    1. The first time we hired someone, I jokingly called them a 'farm sitter', but after some research I found that it is a true title. Kind of like baby sitter or house sitter...


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