Thursday, October 6, 2016

Tucking Fall Into Our Lives

Fall is my absolute favorite season!
Tucking a little fall into our lives makes my heart sing.

I love to feel the crisp air that blows through the house when the windows are open.

After such a hot summer, the crisp air lures me outside.
The leaves change colors into crimson, gold, and burnt orange.
The way they dance from the trees to the ground is magical, making the perfect back drop for a cozy outdoor fire.
S'mores anyone?

While deeply breathing the fall smells and admiring the beautiful colors outside, I bring some in the house...

Sticks, berries, and wild flowers are spread throughout our home.

From the kitchen...

Salsa and other canned goods from our garden will be enjoyed.

Our menu changes to more casseroles and soups.

Pumpkin logs will soon be made.

 Pepitas become a craved snack this time of year.

Pumpkins (real and faux) are tucked here and there throughout our home.

Small orange ceramic pumpkins are tucked around my Great Grandma's dishes. 

And gently placed in milk glass dishes that were a gift from my Mom.

I love layering sweaters and scarves into my wardrobe.

(and sweats...aahhhh, comfy sweats)

The fireplace has been professionally cleaned and inspected.

The porch is stacked with firewood, waiting patiently to be taken indoors.

I like how it 'decorates' the porch for the Fall and Winter seasons, and
some of the spoiled animals enjoy it too.

Happy Fall y'all!

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  1. Fall is my favorite season too. It is a nesting and gathering time of year and, for me, rivals spring. I love your decorating---now I must go tuck some pumpkins of my own.


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