Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ham, Egg and Cheese OH MY!

So you have errands to run in the morning or you are in a rush to get to that meeting.  You are in the drive thru before you realize that you made the turn ;-)  They are delicious and give you that boost of energy to get you through that hectic morning.  You know the ones I'm talking restaurant serves theirs on a muffin, the other restaurant serves theirs on a croissant.  Oh, I love them both!

Here is a super easy (and fast) (and cheaper than the drive thru) way to have that taste at home.

Ham, egg and cheese on a toasted english muffin.

Ham, egg and cheese on toast.
(I don't always have english muffins on hand, but I do have bread.)

First, fry the eggs (I do one per sandwich) in a pan with some melted butter.  Add some salt and pepper.  With the corner of the spatula, break the yolk.  This will give you a 'hard' egg, instead of a 'soft' or 'dippy' egg.  Flip the eggs over to finish cooking.

Look at the golden yolks in these eggs.  The taste of fresh eggs from our flock of ladies beats the drive thru any day!

Next, add some ham (I love smoked) to one side of the toasted english muffin or toast.
Use whatever you have - lunch meat, fresh ham, left over ham.  

Then, add your favorite slice of cheese on top of the ham.  Put the fried egg on top of the piece of cheese.  The warmth from the egg will help melt the cheese just a little.  Top with other piece of toasted english muffin or toast.

Easy Peasy!

Another great thing about making these at home is that you don't need to limit them to breakfast only.  They make for a healthy lunch, a quick supper, or even a delicious snack.

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  1. Yummy that looks so good....We love breakfast anytime of the day. I will have to make this.


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