Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Alpaca and Kitten...more love

"Hug me."

Marina, the kitten and our husky/lab dog get along great.  They play together daily, and they share breakfast most mornings.  I'm telling ya...she is going to start talking like this:  "meow (cat), woof (dog), hhmmm (alpaca), because she eats their food.

  The problem is that our dog likes to put Marina in her mouth and play with her, and Marina allows it!  We have tried to discourage it when we see it.  It went a little too far recently.  Marina was shook up and a little wobbly for a while, but she is doing much better now.  I kept her in a kennel with food, water and kitty litter in the garage for a few days.  I even cancelled the vet appointment that I had for her to be spayed. 

I worried about her being away from Cashmere (her adopted mom, the alpaca) during that time.  To read the post about Cashmere adopting Marina click here.  I considered putting Marina in the kennel in the barn stall, but I wanted her close to the house, so I could keep a watchful eye on her.

Once I let her roam freely again, I kept a careful watch on her and the dog.  I also kept watch to see how Cashmere was toward her....I didn't know if the time apart would affect the relationship.  I am happy to announce that they still get a long great!  Adopted mother and daughter bond still in tact.  In the picture above, Marina seems to be stretching out for a hug.  The two of them together just melts my sweet.

I hope you enjoy the pictures I recently took of them.

"Hey, wait for me!  I'm back, but still a little weak."

"I am so glad you're back.  How do you feel?"


"Oh I missed you."

"Hey is that water cold?"

"Let's pose for that crazy lady taking pictures."

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