Monday, November 17, 2014

I Love Snow!

Snow at LL Farm this morning:

Up close of the weather vane....can't even tell that is a rooster.

Bogo is not so sure she wants to come out of the barn.
She is actually cute, but this picture makes her look at little creepy.  (I say that with love of course.)

Are they playing peek-a-boo under the pine tree?  
Please don't chew any more of that tree!!!

At first, the ladies said "Oh no!  We are going back in."

This one took advantage of the outdoor roost that I cleaned off for them.
I gave them lettuce and kale this morning with their layer pellets, 
so they all decided to come back out ;-)

Can I pleeeaaase come in?
I don't know if you can tell in this picture, but Lola's eyes are very special....
one eye is blue on top and brown on the bottom,
the other eye is brown on top and blue on the bottom.

The creek is not frozen.

I love the look of snow on the trees.  So pretty!

The secret house isn't so hidden anymore.
To read about the secret house, click here.

Back inside.....

Ginger is watching the snow come down through the window. 
She thanked me for the warm house.

Yes, I did..........
I let the 'outside' dog come in the house.  (She hasn't had a potty accident yet.)
How could I say no to those pleading eyes?


  1. Beautiful snow and pictures in your part of Ohio too! Love the pine tree picture :)

    1. Thanks Lesa. Ohio weather...11 degrees this morning, forecast for Sunday is 58 degrees ;-)

  2. love the snow got a good amount of snow. We just got an 1/2 inch.
    Adorable animals..yes I would have to let the outside dog in also...too cute.

    1. I do give in to her when it is so cold, but....she is suppose to be protecting the chickens ;-)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks....that means a lot coming from you because you take awesome pictures!

  4. Great winter wonderland shots! We had our share of snow here in Ontario Canada too but not as much .... yet :-) By the way my "girls: do not like going out in the now but would peck happy on my snow-covered rubber boots when I'm inside the coop to feed them :-)

    1. I keep our ladies food and water outside, so they must come out. Then they actually spend quite a bit of time outside...they have a protected area under the coop where they like to hang out.

  5. Your blog photographs are so wonderful. I love them. And the red barn (secret house?) in the snow is SO lovely too. I hope to read more about your place soon. Can you (please!) tell me how you made the connection to get a blog post "published" on the Chicken Community site?
    Donna at the Small House Homestead

  6. Thanks Donna. I love to take pictures around the farm when it is draped with snow. I will e-mail you about the Community Chickens article.


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