Monday, December 1, 2014

Burlap Christmas Wreath

Last week I made a burlap wreath.  To see how I made it, click here.  Today I want to show how I decorated it for my front door all decked out for the Christmas season.  

I am loving the look of the burlap.  I am going to make some for gifts this year and I already purchased some embellishments to decorate it for winter.  

Nothing is hot glued into place, just tucked in.  This will make it easy to change out the embellishments for different seasons or holidays, or to remove completely and just use the burlap.

I used two berry picks and a frosted fruit with pine cone pick.  Fluffed the berries a little, tucking the top one into a burlap loop for added security.

The red Merry Christmas is actually an ornament.  I tore off the hanger part and tucked the bottom  into the burlap and metal wreath for support.

I also made a traditional Christmas wreath and hung it on the lattice.
I purchased the pine wreath and red bow on clearance last year.

I used my Christmas 'stash' for the embellishments.  Nothing new was purchased for this wreath.
I used my hot glue gun to adhere the pine cones.  I love the look of these that have the white painted tips.  I grouped them in threes.  (Once upon a time, I was told to group things in odd numbers.)  I cut up a red berry pick, and hot glued them into different places on the wreath.

To finish off the wreath, I hot glued small red bulbs.

I love to decorate the inside of my home with different shades of blue (even for Christmas), but for the outside of my home, I like to use traditional red.  My front door is red, the brick has many shades of red, and the house is white....the classic farmhouse look!


  1. Lori,
    Love your burlap and your Traditional Evergreen wreath, dear one!!!
    Like you, I'm trying especially hard this year NOT to purchase anything new
    and use what I already have for decorating for Christmas.
    So far, so good!!!
    Visiting from Marty's Inspire Me Tuesday!!!
    Welcome to the Party!!!

    1. Nice to meet you Pat. It is amazing how we can accumulate so much stuff for Christmas much inspiration in blog land ;-)

  2. Thank you so much for linking up with my party !
    Have a happy New Year :)



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