Thursday, June 16, 2016

Farmhouse Porch

I have shown snippets of our farmhouse porch in different posts here and there and have received such wonderful comments.  Like you, I enjoy seeing other people's porches, so I thought it was high time that I showed you our farmhouse porch in more detail...filled with herbs and ready for summer relaxing.

When building our home three years ago, a front porch was high on the list!
We dreamed of this porch and how we could make it a welcoming place to enjoy for years to come.

One of the first things that we did was install a wood screen door that slams closed...hubby said it reminds him of his Grandma's.

We love our farmhouse porch!
We use our porch a lot...

It's not fancy.  In fact it has many rustic elements to it (mainly thanks to a dog that likes to chew).

The porch measures 8 feet x 35 feet.
I have it separated into two rooms.

One side is the dining area.
We found this old chippy table and benches in an old barn when we bought the property.
While eating, sometimes I get a whiff of the the dill that is flourishing in an old metal bucket.

This year I added the two red chairs to the eating area.

Herbs act as centerpieces on the table...nothing fancy here.

As I said, this porch is the real deal...we use it a do our dogs and cats.
Look closely...
Do you see that white (well, dirty white) thing behind the chair?

That's a favorite spot for Lola to relax when she's taking a break from watching over the farm.
Don't even think about taking that away...she loves it.

While we are talking dogs (and keeping it real)...
Cold water is kept for Lola and Hermione to drink as wanted.
Maybe not pretty, but hey it's needed on these hot days.

To the side of the eating area is the lattice that Handy Hubby installed.

The clematis that I planted last year has been climbing up and showcasing some beautiful flowers.

While we are over here, I may as well show you where I keep the broom ;-)
Again, not pretty, but definitely needed!
Because I have not power washed the porch yet this year, the broom gets quite the work out.

It is used a lot to sweep up dog hair and fallen geranium petals that get knocked off from Lola's wagging tail.

Just keeping it real people.

Whew...after all that talk about work, let's head to the other room on the porch, shall we.

This side is for lounging...the living room side of the porch.
It's a great spot to sit and chat with family and friends or to get lost in a book.

As the swing gently sways, it is a perfect spot for a nap.  The swing is accompanied by the lovely aroma of lemon balm nestled beside.

Lemon balm is my newest addiction - I love the smell of this stuff!
I have perched this beauty on top of an old milk can to create a throne for this much loved herb.

Back to keeping it real - 

I call these chairs rustic.
In reality they have been chewed by Lola.  Not in the budget to replace them, I playfully call them rustic...I ain't got time to be stressin' over these chairs.

They fit right in with the rosemary and a citronella candle that rest on top of a table...a table that is usually covered in cat paw prints ;-)

And I must end by saying...
Yes, I am one of those people that sit on my porch and watch the cows...literally!


  1. You have a beautiful porch and I envy your swing! But...I especially like your fierce watchdog peeking around the brick column. :-) Lola looks like she knows she was naughty.

  2. Lovely porch...I think it is just perfect. Thank you for sharing ~ Have a wonderful day

  3. A front or wrap-around porch is one of the highest things on the list for our new home. And we want something to look at too! Your porch looks like a relaxing place to spend time together.

  4. I love your beautiful porch. It looks like a great place to sit have a have a glass of sweet tea!

  5. I love your porch! I'd love to have a swing on our farmhouse porch, but my husband said he doesn't want one... Crazy guy! It's so great that your family and pups have such a wonderful place to relax!

  6. Loved my visit. I enjoyed your porch. I had to laugh about the screen door that slams. What a memory! Your porch is lovely and functional. Thanks for sharing. I came over from The Art of Homemaking. I didn't link today but I'm at
    I'm follwoing you now. I hope you'll come and see me!

  7. Your porch is wonderful! Love the "real" aspects because I think we need to see those too. I love my porch too--it is my retreat from the world!

  8. If this was my porch, I would live on it! Thank you for sharing!!! It is perfect :)


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