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Homesteading/Simple Living Blogs Listed By States

Tammy Taylor from has created a list of homesteading/simple living blogs sorted by state.

This list is brilliant!

It helps readers to find their corresponding gardening zones and cooking altitudes, while also letting them have a peak around other homesteading/simple living blogs in the United States and Canada. 

This list also helps us like-minded bloggers to connect with each other.

I thank Tammy for taking the time to put this list together (with a little info about each blog included) AND for including LLFarm!

Grab a cup of coffee and have a look around:


Idlewild Alaska – Central Alaska
  • – Our little homestead is located in south central Alaska, which plays a huge part in daily life in everything we do. We have two chicken coops, a 2000 sq. ft garden, and a greenhouse, along with a ever-growing orchard. Growing veggies and fruits is a special task with our long, cold winters and long summer days!


Making Our Sustainable Life – Northern California, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains
Thyme To Embrace Herbs – California


Willow Creek Farm – Rocky Mountains of Colorado
  • – We are a small, backyard homestead located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Topics include high-altitude homesteading; raising sheep for wool, meat, and milk; chickens for meat and eggs; rabbits for wool and meat; dairy cows; multi-purpose backyard farm collies; growing, harvesting, and preserving fruits and vegetables; hunting and foraging in the Rockies; and more.


The Civilized Homesteader – Gulf coast of south central Florida – Sarasota County
  • – My definition of an edible landscape and self-sufficiency is – an edible landscape feeds me, the birds, the bees, the butterflies, and my soul; and self-sufficiency is creating a healthy, thoughtful, meaningful lifestyle where we take care of ourselves, our homes, and each other by learning useful skills and engaging in activities that create a better community
Maple Hill 101 – Central Florida
  • – We currently live in Central Florida, with plans to move to Central North Carolina as soon as our home sells. We are suburban homesteaders moving to a more rural landscape where we will continue to homeschool, make our own bread, scratch cook, repurpose everything we can, and live a pragmatic and simple life.
Countin The Days –   (Florida but will be moving to the country in Georgia)
  • – We live in the city & have a country house about 3 hours away. We plan on moving to the country once my husband retires (I retired last year). My blog is about that transition


Mountain Top Spice – Northern Idaho


HomesteadDad – Michigan
  • – My blog chronicles my journey to move my family to to more self sufficient state. In includes blogs on chickens, cows, sheep, quail, turkeys, and rabbits, gardening, building, orcharding, grafting, and anything else I can find to do.


Living Intentionally Simple – New Hampshire


The Messy Organic Mum – Upstate New York
  • – Our site covers a range of topics including homesteading and living an organic life style. Or recipes are sugar free and use ingredients that are unprocessed.


Better Hens and Gardens – Northeast Ohio
  • – A blog about chickens, gardens, goats, honey bees and DIY. We’re on 10 acres, are trying to do things all naturally, and I occasionally consider getting organic certification.
LL Farm – Ohio
  • – We share a splash of HOME, a dash of GARDEN, a sprinkling of RECIPES, all mixed together with some DIY, and a few ANIMALS.


Oak Hill Homestead – Central Oklahoma


The Locust Blossom – Mountains of NE Oregon
  • – Producing &/or sourcing most of our food locally, while being good stewards of the land and producing as little waste as possible. Our goal is to make this look aesthetically pleasing as well.


Feathers In The Woods – Western Pennsylvania

Rhode Island

Our New England Home – Rhode Island (Soon to be Connecticut)


Taylor-Made Homestead – Northeast Texas
  • – I share a glimpse into daily life on a NE Texas ranch whether it’s spending time in the garden, canning that excess produce or puttering in the kitchen whipping up simple yet delicious meals.
Pickle Creek Ranch  Northeast Texas located in Fannin County
  • – Post topics include the ranch and activities there, such as catching rainwater to sustain water needs. Other articles include cooking, gardening and do it yourself projects. Usually my posts will reveal ways to use essential oils in a practical manner.
Pasture Deficit Disorder – Austin, Texas
  • – Writing, blogging and photographing life on a Texas homestead. We are learning to build, grow, cook and preserve as much for ourselves as we can.
Faithful Homesteader – North Texas
MMM Homestead – SE Texas
  • – We blog about various livestock, DIY home projects, Canning and various recipes. Our goal is to share our venture into the homesteading life and supply tips that work for us along the way.


Feeding My Family – Middle Tennessee


Practicing Resurrection  Southern Virginia
Seeing The Lovely – Northern VA – I write about simple living and seeing the beauty in the everyday. I’m passionate about living simply, and my husband and I currently rent a 700sq ft. apartment on a farm and hope to garden in the coming months


Life at Willeth Farm – Northeast Washington State
  • – Learning to live sustainably, self-sufficiently and in harmony with nature. I post information about gardening, recipes, DIY projects, sharing the land with wildlife and observations about rural life.


Common Sense Homesteading – Northeast Wisconsin
  • – Posts about using sound judgment to be more self-reliant.  It means doing what you can, where you are, with what you have. We’ll cover topics such as: Gardening, Food Storage, Recipes and much more


Anna Pearl’s Attic – Wyoming
  • – We are part owners in a small cattle/sheep ranch that was homesteaded by my husband’s family in the early 1900’s. We garden and can some of our own food, hunt and process our own meat, etc.


Just Plain Marie – Nova Scotia, Canada
  •  – I write about anything that improves your life and is green, sustainable and frugal: chemical-free gardening, simple homemaking, food preservation, developing new healthy habits and much more.
Growing Wild Roots – Southern BC (just a few minutes north of northern Idaho)
Powell River Books – Coastal BC
  • – We live in an off-the-grid float cabin on a lake in Coastal BC.  I blog about gardening, cooking, exploring the backcountry, and everyday living in this unique environment.
Around The Fire Pit – Canada, Manitoba
  • – I am a city girl from The Netherlands who has been living in Canada for 30 years now.  I love to garden and I also am an enthusiastic crafter and share my projects on my blog.
Just Another Day On The Farm – Ontario, Canada


  1. Congratulations on being included! I think it was a great idea and I'm so glad I have some new blogs to check out!

    1. Thanks Daisy! I am happy to see you on the list too ;-)


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