Monday, June 20, 2016

Our Vegetable Garden In June

Welcome to our veggie garden in June.

We installed this garden fence last year and it is working out great.

Want to have a look around and see how things are growing?

I have been harvesting green onions and lettuce for a few weeks now.  YUM!
The kale isn't quite big enough yet...I'm trying to be patient.

Some of the tomato plants have been staked with cattle fence.

I wrote an article about how we use cattle fence in the garden.

There are tiny tomatoes already on some of the starter plants.

This is one of the tomato plants that I started from exciting to watch them grow!

The green beans are coming up nicely in a straight row.


We planted green, yellow, and red bell peppers.
I also have a hot purple pepper plant that I started from seed.

The zucchini plants are spreading already.
So many delicious recipes to make and share with y'all soon ;-)

The cucumbers are flowering and starting their journey up the cattle fence.

We plant the same things each year, while also trying new things.
This year we planted cabbage and broccoli.
We tried kohlrabi, eggplant, and corn in recent years past.

I hope you enjoyed our little walk through the vegetable garden today.

Please close the gate behind you.

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  1. Yum!! Looks like good food's coming. Good job with the ones from seeds.

    1. Thanks Vikki! Our peppers were a flop last year...looking forward to the colorful ones that already appearing ;-)

  2. Looking good, Lori! Hope you have a great harvest this fall :)

    Edye | Http://

  3. It's doing so well! Love the fence to keep out the critters! I love to eat baby kale, it's so tender. Maybe you could snag ya some just to try it (I won't tell).

    Are you using the deep mulch method? It looks like you've got straw down. I'll be that helps keep the weeds down too.
    You're invited to share this outdoor post on Tuesday's Maple Hill Hop! See ya there!

    1. We put down straw hoping to help with the weeds. I am hoping to do the black paper or cardboard over the garden this fall and winter to kill most of the grass and have less weeds next year...

  4. Your garden is looking great! I'm glad I just found your blog!

    Chippy White Cottage Blessings,

    1. Thanks...I'm glad you found us too - welcome!

  5. Thanks Teri. Happy Summer to you also.

  6. I have the same fencing around my back garden as my dog loves vegetables!

  7. Great Share!

    I have used bamboo sticks as a fencing material to keep away animals but this type of fencing is looking beautiful and adding value to the vegetable garden. I really loved it and would definitely try it for coming spring season.

    Keep sharing! I would surely look forward!


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