Friday, July 8, 2016

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is my newest herb addiction!

Have you tried it?

Oh, my...
when you rub the leaves it smells like lemon!

I'm in love...

It is quite attractive also - the delicate looking leaves make quite an impression on top of an old milk can.

I read that it will help repel insects.

But I wanted to do something with it...
something other than rubbing the leaves on my arms ;-)

Lemon water is something I drink often.
Ice, sliced lemon, and water.
Delicious and good for you.

But now?
Now I add a few lemon balm leaves (after I rub them of course) to the lemon water.

Oh how I am crushing on lemon balm...

I hope you are having a lemontastic day!


  1. I knew you were a kindred spirit---I have a small cabinet that exactly matches your cabinet behind your chair! I love the idea of lemon balm in your drink and it is such a "friendly" insect repellant.

    1. Such a sweet comment Vikki...thank you! I have my Great Grandma's dishes in that cabinet ;-)

  2. It looks a lot like mint! Good to know about the insect repelling properties. Enjoy!

  3. I'm going to have to get myself a lemon balm plant. I recently bought some lemon balm tea which is so nice as an evening drink. Thank you for sharing another great idea! Pat xx

  4. I love that smell of lemon too -I didn't know about the repelling insects part. I have lemon grass growing this year. I have used it to scent the water for washing my floor. Wonderful smell throughout the house! So many uses I need to look up for these herbs!


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