Wednesday, July 20, 2016

We Are Building A Deck (Part 2)

Handy Hubby worked on the deck some last week in the evenings and more this past weekend.

Let me just say it has been  H-O-T...we're talking temps in the 90's!

We've also had some rain out days and a busy life...

Here's a recap of what was accomplished since I last shared:

Joist hangers were installed using a template for placement.

Posts have been set and everything is square.
Ready to frame up the lower level.

All the joists are on!
This really gives me a visual...I'm already thinking furniture and arrangements ;-)

That board lying on top is us trying to decide on an angled pergola.


  1. Happy for you Lori, what a wonderful size deck it is going to be. Your home is lovely.

  2. Very nice, what the beautiful home you are, the railing of your home is very attractive. Thank for sharing it.
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