Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Chalk Paint Marathon

I am on a chalk paint marathon!

Let's be honest...chalk paint ain't cheap!

But, WOW is it awesome!!

To me, it's worth the money, especially when I can do more than one project with one quart.

So far with one quart of white chalk paint, I have painted:

a farmhouse bench

a yard sale dresser
I still had some paint left, so I recently painted a little side table that I bought at a yard sale years ago.

I don't have pictures of the before (it was before blogging), so let me paint you a mental picture of what it looked like:

It had a golden stain color with a sun bonnet painted on top.  Not a pretty bonnet, but more like a 'someone really tried' to hand paint a bonnet.  And, ahem, not a cute one at that.  Someone tried, that's all I can say.  At the time, I painted it white with left over white trim paint that I had on hand.  It sufficed for a while, but has been showing some wear and tear lately.

A coat of Annie Sloan pure white chalk paint perked the little table right up.

It's just the right size for holding a glass of lemon balm infused water, a pretty candle, and the remote.


  1. I too like that chalk paint---and I love your bench with the stained seat and white other parts. Good job!

    1. Chalk paint has great coverage, doesn't it? Thanks for your encouraging comments Vikki!


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