Friday, November 4, 2016

Farm Photo Friday (November 4, 2016)


Yes, according to the calendar it is November.

I don't think LL Farm got the memo...earlier this week the temps were  in the 80's!

The tomatoes seem to be oblivious of the fact that it is November.
They are still hanging on in the garden.

The dill has yet to give up too.

Fall is full of beautiful things, whether it's warm, cool, or rainy.

The leaves turn such gorgeous colors, but don't stay on the trees long before they dance to the ground.
I love to walk on the crunchy leaves.  I usually have at least one cat tagging along.

Mums, pumpkins, and firewood decorate the porch.

I roasted some pumpkin seeds, and the ladies enjoyed the pumpkin.

Have you heard that cows lie down before a rainstorm?
Supposedly they can sense low pressure systems.

They were spot on did rain.
But to curl up like a lap dog?  Funny!  It was just a light rain.

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  1. Have a fantastic weekend on the farm!

  2. I love your Farm Foto Fridays!! Looks like the "ladies" are enjoying their pumpkins. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

  3. I did not know that about cows-animals can sense things that's for sure. We are warm here too -my flowers from this summer are still living!

  4. Same crazy weather here. Still wearing shorts and using the air conditioning. Such strange weather!


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