Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Deck Update (Part 4 of We Are Building A Deck)

Thought I'd pop in and give you a quick update on the deck.

The deck is approximately 90% done!
All that's left to do is the second set of steps and a couple long boards on the pergola that need to be special ordered.

I purchased some furniture that was on end of season clearance.

The deck recently held 20+ youth when we hosted our annual fall get together and bonfire.

I have big plans for this area next year, after staining/painting.

I'm thinking curtains around the pergola area and some bling in the form of an chandelier.

When the budget allows, I would like to get bigger, cozier lounge furniture for this area too.

Remember when it was just a vision?

To see the progress, check out these deck posts:


  1. How lovely!!! I can just imagine how lovely that will be in the spring and summer months!

  2. How exciting! A nice deck is just the perfect way to extend the home outdoors, and I love your idea of a chandelier and curtains too, such fun decisions! Nice patio decor too, always a joy to get special deals at the end of the season :)


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