Friday, September 15, 2017

Farm Photo Friday (September 15, 2017)

Welcome to LL Farm's Photo Friday!

There is lots happening around our little farm this time of year.  Grab something warm to drink on this cool morning and join Pumpkin, the cat, and me as we walk around.

The zinnias are still blooming beautifully.
The bees and butterflies have enjoyed them, almost as much as me.

I love the vibrant colors along the fence.

And in a mason jar on the deck.

I also love bringing them inside.  I've already bought zinnia seeds for next year!

And on a side note...see that blue and white tea towel?  I got it this summer when we went to London, England.  I purchased it from a quaint little shop in the Cotswolds, England's beautiful country side.

I picked a whole basket of apples this year from our tree.
I made applesauce and almond apple crisp with these babies...yummy!

The peppers were a flop this summer...hardly any harvest.
I'm glad I left them in the garden though, because they have finally decided to join the garden party.

Yes!  Strawberries in September.
I planted 8 strawberry plants in the Spring, and although not much of a harvest, they are still providing some good snacks.

Because we did raised bed gardening this year, I am able to have a fall garden.  This has me quite excited!
The radishes have already been thinned.

Another round of sugar snap peas are a welcome sight.
I love them raw or lightly sauteed.

Lettuce, kale, and spinach have popped through.
I saved a few onion starts, hoping they would grow.  Yes!! They are.
A fresh garden salad in the fall, yes please!

The weather has been unseasonably cool, but I'm not complaining.  Fall is my absolute favorite season!
When mums and firewood adorn our front porch, it means fall is knocking at the door.

This gas fire table is awesome on our DIY deck.  It's so convenient to have on for just a little while, without the work of having a wood fire.

The ladies have also been enjoying the cool weather.
It's the perfect temperature for a day at the chicken spa!

And, we can't forget the baby chicks, that are now 3 weeks old.
They are growing healthy inside our garage.
This little white crested polish is a hoot to take pictures of...just look at that hair-do!

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** This weekend is the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio.  I'll be there with my Mom! **


  1. I just loved all your pictures and had to laugh at the little chicken. That's how I look in the morning! You got a great harvest from your apple tree! How old is it?

    1. I just can't help myself...that little polish chicken is going to be so fun photographing, with that hair! The apple tree that is 4 years old gave us a decent harvest this year.

  2. Fabulous shots of your world! Fall is my favorite season too. I feel blessed to be enjoying it in NC this year. Ooooh, good for you, a fall garden. May your bounty be abundant.
    Enjoy the fair!

    1. Thanks Daisy! I'm so happy that you are settled in your home! Great things will continue to unfold for you daily.

  3. Great photo's! Wow you went to England what a great summer vaca. I hope you will share some photo's of your trip.

    1. Thanks Teresa! Yes, England was fantastic! We stayed in London, but ventured out to the countryside also. By far, our favorite vacation yet. I hope to go back some day.

  4. Dear Lori

    I love your farm photos. I love the chickens, the flowers, the mason jar on your deck table is so 'country' and your 'Gather' sign is so rustic and so perfect. The basket filled with apples is so fall as is the warm and cosy fire. Your garden photos are lovely as well.

    Happy Fall.

    Homespun Hugs ♥ Teri

    1. Thank you Teri! It was feeling and looking like fall here on the farm, but we are now having temps in the 90's! Oh well, I'll still burn my fall candles. ;-) Have a great weekend.


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