Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Pumpkin Log Recipe

Oh hello pumpkin log.  I look forward to greeting you every fall.

The smell of pumpkin wafting in the air evokes all the autumn feel goods, while the sprinkling of powdered sugar ignites my love for snow that  will soon be here.

Recently, when I went to make this,  I could not find the recipe in my over crowded recipe basket.  Thank goodness I had it on the blog!  Just in case you misplaced your recipe ;-) I thought I'd share it again...just in time for the holidays.

Whether this is your first time making a pumpkin log or you are a seasoned pro, I hope this pumpkin log recipe finds you cozy!


  1. Ooooh, that looks so good. With a hot, steaming cup of coffee, I can't think of anything better when watching a Hallmark Christmas movie!
    Stay toasty, girl!

    1. I am loving the Hallmark Christmas movies, aren't you?!

    2. I'm addicted. I started watching a couple of years ago when I had some health issues and was in bed a lot. They saved my sanity. Now that we're up in NC, I'm feeling the Holiday spirit a lot more, so I'm treating myself to a movie each day. Enjoy!

  2. This just looks delicious! I have had a problem finding one of my recipes before-thank goodness for the blog!


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