Friday, August 8, 2014

A $2 yard sale find

I recently found this picture at a yard sale and automatically knew the colors would go well with our wall paint color in the half bath.  I have been thinking for a while that I would like to decorate this room in seashells, so it's as if the picture was calling out to me (smile).

The background color in the picture is set off by the green painted walls.  The blue/green color in the vase match a couple glass pieces that I already had.  The flowers in the vase are beautifully simple.  And the gave me the desire to finally create something with the seashells that we collected at the beach last year while on vacation.

I hot glued some seashells to a craft frame that I already had.  I love the picture I put in the girls having fun in the ocean waves.

To round out the seashell theme, I used a candle holder that I already had.

And, I purchased this seashell soap dispenser.

So tell me, do you like going to yard sales?

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  1. I love stopping at yard sales...I like living with less now of days. So I don't stop like I use to. Great finds.


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