Thursday, August 21, 2014

Around the farm

A look around the farm this morning....

The ladies (also known as chickens) like to eat scraps.  I try to give them something every day.

Here they are eating a tomato.  They LOVE the color red!
Tomatoes and strawberry tops seem to be their favorite.

This morning they gave me a double yolk!

The garden is not producing high volume anymore.  This morning's pickings were 2 zucchini and a few tomatoes (for supper tonight).  Also collected this morning are eggs and something new to my basket - 2 small apples.

The alpacas eating their breakfast.  Although Bogo has grass in her mouth, she still gave me a smile.
My husband named her Bogo (Buy One Get One), because when we bought her, we were told that she may be pregnant.

Marina, the barn kitten, hanging out on the front porch.

This old apple tree needs pruned or cut down.  It doesn't produce very good fruit.

This is one of the apple trees that we planted in Spring 2013.  I am sooooo excited - it has an apple!


  1. How nice to have wonderful fresh eggs...and those alpacas are so very cute!!!...Have a great weekend!

  2. The Alpacas are so adorable...My hubby has always wanted a few of them. What a cute barn cat...and a pretty porch.


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