Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A framed place mat

I wanted a pop of color in my office.  I looked at all types of art work, but most of what I liked cost more than I wanted to spend.  While strolling through the home sections of Wal-Mart, this place mat caught my eye.  It would not fit into my kitchen decor, but the pop of colors were perfect for my office.

It has the light background which matches the sofa.  The blue coordinates with the pillow, lamps, curtains, and maps/globes that I have in the room.  And, it has that pop of color that I wanted - orange, yellow, red, and green.  Now I just need to find an orange throw to put on the sofa. ;-)

Here is how I made a table place mat into artwork...
Find a place mat that you like.  No need to cut the place mat.

Find a picture frame similar in size (it does not need to be exact). 

Position the place mat to fit, looking at the front to position, as needed.  
My place mat hangs out just a little.  You could trim if it is much bigger.

I like how it looks and I love that it is original!

You could also use a pillow sham, hand towel, favorite fabric (new or vintage), and so on.  
The possibilities are endless!  Be creative.

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  1. Just found your blog. I'm enjoying reading your daily life story very much. We are in the process of trying to find property to start our small farm so I'm always interested to know about others and how they got started.
    I adore your placemat idea -- so simple, inexpensive and does add a nice burst of color to your room. I'll keep this in mind for my office. Great idea - thanks for sharing.
    Happy Day To You - Bobbie :)

    1. Thank you Bobbie! Good luck finding property.


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