Monday, October 27, 2014

Decorating With Vintage Blue Mason Jars

I recently purchased a couple more vintage blue mason jars.  The vintage ones can have such character to them.  
Here are some ways that I like to use and decorate with them:

A utensil holder.  Very handy when serving buffet style meals.

A votive candle inside with a small grapevine wreath used as a candle ring. 
In this picture, you can see small bubble-like marks on the jar...character!  

This particular jar also has the vintage one piece lid.  Inside are seashells that were collected from a beach vacation.

Inside this lantern is a vintage blue mason jar and some faux berries. 
(Sorry...I tried taking this pictures at different angles, but kept getting a glare.)

I have a light kit made for mason jars.  I like to mix up the shades:

Using a punched tin shade gives a country look.

I made this lamp shade with a toile print.  It has a french country look to it.

Here is a vintage blue mason jar with a simple, cream colored, store bought lamp shade.

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  1. Those blue jars are so pretty! I've found some mason jars at thrift stores but never any blue ones. Love the shells. :)

    1. Dee,
      I have found the blue ones at yard sales, antique stores, and my Mom has given me a couple. Some places have them marked too high...if you look in the right places, you can get one for under $10.


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