Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Secret House

The Secret House is tucked away in the trees, hidden almost, like a secret.  It is perched on the high bank, overlooking the woods and the creek.

The Secret House is the first thing that we constructed on our land.  We didn't have electric yet, so Handy Hubby used a chain saw to cut the material (he is so handy).  It is made of plywood and wood strips (from my Dad's wood shop).  The outside is stained with deck stain.  The recycled door is from another project.

The inside is painted and has a linoleum floor.

There are two windows, one looking out into some trees and the other looking out over the creek (pictured above).  

  The Secret House started out as a playhouse for our girls.  (I had a playhouse growing up and have great memories of it and was hoping to pass the excitement on to our girls).  They would use their imagination in playing house.  They had play appliances and dishes to assist in making lovely mud pies, decorated with small rocks and grass.  They played board games, card games, read their favorite books, and of course, asked "are you done yet".  You see, we owned the land for a few years before we built our home.  We would spend weekends and spare time mowing and cleaning up junk around the place.  We even "camped" over night in the Secret House!  Fun, but oh my...not comfortable!

When we sold our previous home, we moved into a rental while we constructed our home on the land.  The Secret House became a storage shed.  We piled it high with stuff...things that would not fit into our rental.

As we have lived in our home, the girls have matured past wanting a playhouse.  The Secret House has evolved into a garden shed.  It houses garden tools, straw for the chickens, and things for cook-outs (like tiki torches and firepit grill racks).  The location is near the garden and chicken coop, so it works out great.

In the corner, you can see a small rocking chair.  A reminder of the Secret House's beginning... a play house, tucked away in the trees, overlooking the creek.


  1. wow I love this post..what wonderful memories your little girls will have with the secret house.

    1. Thank you Teresa. I struggle with posting real personal stuff on this blog...still trying to find my niche.

    2. I am with you there...I struggle also. Maybe together we can find our niche.


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