Thursday, October 2, 2014

5 minute DIY Fall Wreath

Decorated wreaths are expensive!  So I create my own.

When grapevine wreaths were are on sale, I stocked up!  End of season sales are a great time to purchase faux flowers, leaves, berries, ribbons, bows, or whatever embellishments tickle your fancy.  You can be creative, fancy, simple, whatever you want.

The wreath I am sharing today falls under the simple don't even need a hot glue gun!  It can be created in 5 minutes (fluffing bow time included).

Cast of Characters:
Grapevine wreath, berry garland, and a bow.  I purchased this pre-made bow with wire - makes for easy adjusting.

Starting in the back,  tuck one end of the garland into the wreath.  Then start wrapping the berry garland around the wreath.  I eyeball how far apart I should wrap, adjusting as I go.  By not gluing the garland into place, you can adjust or even start over until it looks good.

You don't necessarily need the garland to start and end at the same place.  I left an empty space to put the bow.  Adjust the berries by pulling some from behind (that won't be shown), moving them to the right or left as needed to fill in, and even pulling some out away from the wreath for a more dimensional look.

This bow has a twisty tie on the back.  Position the bow where you want it on the wreath, secure into place by twisting (and hiding) into some of the branches on the wreath.  Fluff the bow and hang on a door, window, or wall.  TaDa! 5 minute DIY wreath. 


  1. Too cute. I love the look of vine wreaths.

  2. Thanks! Grapevine wreaths are easy to work with too.

  3. I love this! Thanks for sharing.

  4. sweet! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. Watch for your feature on Monday xo

    1. Thank you Katherine for featuring the wreath on your site!

  5. Simple enough, very cute! I love your wood floors.

  6. Thank you Teresa. We have the wood floors throughout most of our home, no carpet...has helped out tremendously with allergies and breathing issues with girls and me.


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