Monday, August 24, 2015

Home Canning (How To Get Started)

Home canning is making a strong come back from what was once thought of as a dying art!

People, like you and me, are wanting to know where our food comes from.  
Many are gathering produce from their own garden, a family or friend's garden, a farmer's market, or a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

We want to know what goes into our food.
We don't want harmful additives and preservatives in our food.

For this weeks blog posts, I am going to be talking about home canning.

Let me make it known that I do not consider myself a canning expert by any means.
When I was a little girl, my Mom had a summer kitchen just steps away from the farm house that we lived in.
I watched her spend countless hours working in there, preserving food for her family.
Her mother, grandmother, and generations before her canned as a life necessity.
I did not have a passion for that way of life...until I got older and had a family of my own.
I ask my Mom questions, I search the Internet, and I read books pertaining to home canning.
It is something that I now have a strong passion for.

So if you are thinking of canning or are new to canning, I hope you find this post helpful.
If you are a seasoned canner, perhaps we can learn from each other.

Let's start with the basic equipment that you will need for home canning.
I will provide links for you to purchase the products so you can get started right away.

Throughout this week I will share some of my favorite things to can and how I do it.

At the end of the week, I have an awesome giveaway from Ball, a leader in home preservation.

Let's get started...

The first thing I recommend getting is a canning book.

Ball's Blue Book Guide to Preserving is one that I have and I reference it a lot!

A boiling water canner is used for high acid foods, such as fruits, pickles and tomatoes.

A pressure canner is used for low acid foods, such as vegetables and meats.

Jars, Lids, and Bands
Jars come in different sizes - half pint, pint, and quart.  You can get regular or wide mouth sizes.

You can re-use jars and bands.  Making sure they are crack free, you can store them to use year after year.
Do not re-use lids.  They are designed for a single use.  Re-using them may mean a jar does not seal properly, thus making the contents worthless.

Home Canning Utensils
Specialized utensils help make each step of the process a little easier.

Bubble Remover - helps remove trapped air from inside filled jars.

Jar Funnel - makes filling jars easier.

Jar Lifter - safely removes hot jars from the canner.

Lid Wand - has a magnetic tip for removing lids from hot water.
(This is a favorite in my house - with me and my daughters.)

Come back tomorrow!  I will share something that I can every year...salsa.

If you are a home canner I would love to hear from you!
Leave a comment or send me an e-mail.
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This post contains affiliate links.  I provided them to help you get started (or continue) in canning.  By clicking on them and purchasing the products, you can be on your way to home canning some delicious foods.  Clicking and buying the items from this post does not affect the price at all, but does help support this blog.
Thank you!


  1. I never knew they had a bubble remover- great invention. I just use a rubber spatula though. I can't believe how fast the lids and bands are going in the stores right now. I believe a lot of people are getting back in to canning. Great post.

    1. It's fancy smancy ;-). It doubles as a headspace tool on the one end. Thin and flexible. I'm so happy more people are canning!

    2. I believe that many people are responding to the rumor of a coming famine (I have read recently that the US has no wheat stores in our grain elevators), or they would rather eat food grown in their own or community gardens using organic seed, natural rainwater and organically-prepared soil, ie clean food.
      I have canned for a number of years but only the water-bath foods. I love to make pickled beets, pickled okra, pickled cauliflower, bread-and-butter pickles and no-cook, old-fashioned Ukrainian pickles in a large crock. Fermented foods like sauerkraut are so nutritious and balance the good bugs in the gut.

      Wiil try salsa next at the end of summer...any recipes ?
      I haven't canned meats but would like to. Any tips?

      Love to bring back the old home-making arts. Glad people are finally getting back to them.
      You never know when you might truly need them.

    3. Mimi,
      I just shared my salsa recipe post...I hope you give it a try.
      I have not canned meats (I freeze all my meats).
      You mentioned bread and butter pickles...I hope you read my post on zucchini pickles because they truly taste like a bread and butter pickle.
      So glad to talk to others that enjoy canning also!
      - Lori

  2. I started canning, a couple years back, pickled carrots, and some habanero jelly. It is a very resourceful thing to have fresh fruit and veggies and more stored, that I don't need to go to the store when I'm out of say tomatoes or salsa. I'm glad canning is making a comeback too! Looking forward to reading your series, LL! ~ CB

    1. Habanero jelly sounds delicious! I've had hot pepper jelly...wonder if it's similar.

  3. I haven't yet ventured into canning, but have a strong interest, so I know I'll love this series. I have made pickled okra, which I love, but I guess it doesn't really count since you don't have to boil anything. You may not be an expert, but you know a lot more than I do! ;0D

  4. I love canning! I just recently obtained an electric canner that I am absolutely in love with! I had a granite canner and that thing wouldn't get hot enough to do veggies and it would take forever! Thank you for linking up with us at the Tips and Tricks Link Party!


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