Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Zucchini Pickles (Home Canning)

Just when you thought I was done sharing zucchini recipes...

Back when our zucchini plants were on overdrive, I truly did enjoy coming up with all kinds of ways to use them.  Making zucchini pickles is another way to enjoy zucchini throughout the year, just like the zucchini bread that I made and froze to eat later.

If you like the taste of a bread and butter pickle, I hope you try this...

Zucchini Pickles
(they taste like bread and butter pickles)

This recipe makes 4 half pints.  (For pickles and such I like to use the wide mouth jars.)

8 small zucchini, sliced
1 onion, sliced
1/4 cup canning salt
2 cups sugar
2 teaspoons mustard seed
1 teaspoon celery salt
1 teaspoon turmeric
3 cups cider vinegar

Combine zucchini and onion slices.
Sprinkle with salt.
Add enough water to cover the zucchini slices.
Let stand at room temperature for 2 hours,
Drain and rinse the zucchini and onion mixture.
In a large sauce pot, combine the sugar, mustard seed, celery salt, turmeric, and vinegar.
Bring to a boil.
Pour over zucchini and onion mixture.
Let stand for 2 hours.
Bring all the ingredients to a boil.
Reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes.
Pack hot zucchini mixture and liquid into hot jars, leaving 1/2 inch headspace.
Remove air bubbles.
Add lid and ring.
Process for 15 minutes in a boiling water canner.

I made these last summer too and it was nice to serve them with cheeses and other pickles at a holiday gathering during cooler weather.

There really is a sense of accomplishment that comes from canning.
I'm not going to does involve some effort,
but months from now  when you enjoy your bounty of canned goods...
it just...
it feels good knowing that you did it!

Did you miss my post on Home Canning (How To Get Started)?  You can see it HERE.

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  1. Looks tasty, I will have to try this recipe. have a wonderful afternoon.

  2. Is canning salt the same as pickling salt? These sound like a great way to use up all that zucchini!

    1. Yes, canning salt and picking salt are the same thing. Different from table salt.

  3. My Mom used to can these and I have forgotten all about them! Thanks for the reminder!

    1. You're welcome. Fond memories of zucchini pickles....

  4. Oh I'll have to give this a try next year. My zucchini plants finally wore out! Sounds so good!

    1. Mine are fizzled out now too, but wow...what a ride!

  5. Thanks for the comment Teri. I'm glad you enjoyed!

  6. Hi LL, my husband loves bread and butter pickles! I've pinned all your canning recipes for later! I am enjoying reading your canning series, too! ~CB

  7. This is so creative! I never thought about pickling zucchini! So, isn't sea salt the same as canning salt? Most sea salt doesn't have fillers.

    1. Great question Kari! Unfortunately, because I haven't used sea salt, I don't know if you could substitute it for canning salt.

  8. These sound great! I've never heard of zucchini pickles....I'll have to try this!

    Thanks for linking up with Green Thumb Thursday. We'd love to see you back again this week!



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