Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Hidden Eggplant

I decided to grow a few eggplants in the garden this year.

Something new for our garden.

The plants produced pretty light purple flowers.

I patiently checked them every day...

Wondering when the actual eggplant would develop.

This morning I saw a couple little eggplants.

The dark purple against the green leaves (and weeds) made me smile.

Still too small to harvest...

But the background...

Do you see it?

A gigantic eggplant!

How did I miss it before?

Look at the size...
compared to an egg and a large crock.

I'm still laughing!

I did harvest it and will try to saute it tomorrow.

If it's too seedy, the chickens will enjoy quite a treat ...

Our first eggplant!

Have you found anything 'hidden' in your garden lately? 

Happy Gardening!
- Lori Leigh

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  1. Wow! How fantastic! You could make a lot of eggplant parm with that baby! Enjoy!

    1. I wonder how seedy it will be...and if that will affect the taste...

    2. If it's seedy, it usually makes it more bitter. You could try salting it, to see if you can get the bitterness out. If not, the chickens will be happy!

    3. If it's seedy, it might be more bitter. You could try salting it, to take some of the bitterness out. If not, the chickens will be mighty happy!

  2. Yay! That's wonderful, LL! That's one good size egg too! ~CB

  3. How cute your eggplant is! Eggplants are seedy know what..its the only vegetable that I don't like? Good luck cooking it!

  4. I love that you posted and eggplant next to an egg ! I have never grown eggplant , or eaten one. I think I should give eggplant a try. Tell us how it tastes when you've cooked and eaten it.

    1. Yes...a little different photographing an egg and an eggplant together, but I wanted to stress the size... How I missed it in the garden?? ;-)

  5. That's so neat...I've never grew eggplant before. I have to admit I've never tried one either. Sounds like they might be a little like zucchini with how they grow. It's always fun to try out new plants!


  6. Hi Lori
    Thanks for your visit and Happy Blog anniversary to you also
    I love fried egg plant

  7. Do you know not one of my eggplants came up this year. Drives me crazy.

    Happy Blog Anniversary.

    Cottage Making Mommy

  8. Wow! That is a huge one. Wonder if they grow overnight like zucchinis seem to do? There used to be a cafeteria near us that had an eggplant casserole that was super yummy. Do you make those?


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