Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Cinderella Tale (Of A Dresser)

She spent years in the basement...

                    She gathered dust...
                                                                     that musty smell...

Once a beautiful piece, I'm sure.
                                                 She was...

Then one day, she heard a rumbling noise, and soon she was being carried to the lawn...

        ...where she sat next to other forgotten pieces of furniture.

Confused, but happy to be in the sunlight, she waited while the bidding began.

I noticed her soon after we arrived at the auction...

                    she was beautiful...a little rugged around the edges, but beautiful!

The bidding started...

I locked eyes with the other bidder and flashed my number high to let it be known that I was serious...

                    ...I wanted this gem!

I was the winning bid for this dresser!

I was going to be her fairy god mother (so to speak).

I swept her real good.

I wiped her down with a vinegar/water mixture.

I put dryer sheets in the drawers.

I let her 'air out' on the porch for a couple weeks.
She enjoyed the sunlight and fresh air, but in reality, she really needed the sunlight and fresh air.

Then the work started!

There was quite a bit of damage...

I sanded her down.

Scraped off some stuff.

Added a pretty dark stain.

Added some more stain.

Put in drawer liners.

Adorned her with custom handles.
(more on the handles in my next post)

And most importantly...

gave her a new loving home.



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  1. An A+ job!!! (and thank you for not painting her.)

    1. Well...I don't think it's an A+ job, but thank you ;-)

  2. Oh, it's just gorgeous! I like that you didn't paint over the beautiful wood.

  3. I love that you salvaged this beautiful piece of furniture - and told such a cute story about it! May it live happily every after!

  4. Love this piece...I too am glad you didn't paint her. She is beautiful.

  5. This piece is gorgeous. What's even more amazing to me is that you saw the Cinderella's beauty under all of that damage and chipped paint. You have a true talent, Lori!

    Looks like that pup kept her really safe out there in the sun :)


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