Thursday, October 29, 2015

Juvenile Molting in Chickens

molting feathers and pumpkin in yard
There are chicken feathers in the yard.  That means it's molting time...

Check out these pictures of our White Rock chicken.  The pictures show a timeline of the first 6 weeks of life, molting, and what she looks like at six months old.
White rock two days old (marked and resized)
This is our White Rock Chicken at 2 days old…such a cute little yellow fur ball.
White Rock 1 week old (marked and resized)
At 1 week old, you can see some white growing in on her wings.
White Rock 2 weeks old (marked and resized)
Some more white showing at 2 weeks olds.
White Rock 3 weeks old (marked and resized)
At 3 weeks old, just a little yellow left.
White Rock 4 weeks old (marked and risezed)
Some bare spots showing at 4 weeks old.
White Rock 5 weeks old (marked and resized)
Filling in nicely at 5 weeks old.
White Rock 6 weeks old (marked and resized)
Almost completely white feathers at 6 weeks old.
White Rock six months old (marked and resized)
Here she is at 6 months old. 
To read more about juvenile molting in chickens click HERE to read my latest article at Community Chickens, a website from Grit and Mother Earth News magazines.


  1. I couldn't stop smiling looking at the transformation from cute little fur ball to a gorgeous bird. I like the series of photos with the same background and lighting. And the consistency in their posing. All turned at the same angle. Do you train them to pose so nicely? You have such a great attention to detail in your photography. You should make a wall montage with these photos.

    1. Thank you Kimberly. I intentionally posed them like clockwork for the first 6 weeks...I was hoping it would be a great way to show through pictures just how quickly they change.

  2. How interesting that was...thanks for sharing! Something I do not have know before.


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