Monday, November 2, 2015

Prepping The Homestead For Winter

This is our first year having cows at LL Farm so we had to do some extra prepping for the winter...

Handy Hubby built a lean-to off the barn for the cows.  I will use an outdoor stain to help protect it from the weather and Hubby will shingle the roof.  Although the work is not completed on it yet, the cows are already enjoying it.  They took cover one morning during a cold rain.

The hay loft is stacked with bales of hay.  The child that lives inside of me wants to climb that ladder and play, or read a book, or take a nap...wait that last one is the adult that lives inside of me ;-)

Doesn't the hay loft and ladder remind you of the Little House on the Prairie episode where Laura knitted a Christmas scarf for Pa in their hay loft?  

After breaking ice and hand carrying warm water to help thaw ice for the alpacas last year, we decided to invest in a new water trough for the cows and a heating device.  It won't warm the water, but will keep it from freezing.

Before our first frost, I planted some starts that I got from my green-thumbed Mom.  This is a white lilac bush.  The mulch will hopefully help protect it from the cold weather coming our way.  The tomato cage around it will hopefully protect it from our dog who likes to chew bark and stems.  What can I say...she likes natural/organic bark ;-)

Firewood is stacked for our pleasure.  We don't heat our entire home with wood, but we do enjoy a warming fire in the fireplace most evenings.  We keep stacked wood on the porch during the cold months for weather protection and easy access.

As we prepare the homestead for the winter, I am ready for winter also.
I welcome the nesting time that the colder months bring.
Comfort foods...
Warm drinks...
Fuzzy socks...
Cozy fires...
A good book...

I also am reminded that I very much enjoy the action that living on a small farm brings.
Tending to the animals makes me trek outside, even on those bitter cold days that I might be tempted to stay inside a warm, cozy home.

Living on a farm provides me daily exercise and plenty of fresh air.  I can almost feel the tingle in my nose and that cool air filling my lungs just talking about it...

What winter preparations have you done lately?

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  1. Love it. Don't you love the smell of the barn when you first walk in. (I know after a few months of frozen critter 'left-overs' that might not be the same:)

    1. Ha...that's one of the reasons why we built the lean-to. I do love the smell of hay though!

  2. We're still having temps in the 80's, so winter is a looooooooooooong way off. Sounds like y'all are well prepared! That hay loft is inviting!

    1. Well, the forecast for the next few days is low 70's, but we were cold and had a frost a couple weeks ago...and frozen animal water already, so we got on the ball ;-)

  3. Nice job of building your lean to for the cows. It's so hard to think of winter coming when it's so warm. In the next few days though I will be taking advantage of that warm weather and get things ready for blowing snow too! Have a great night.

  4. I love winter on the homestead! It is a time to rest and enjoy the fruit of your labors. All those canned jams can be opened and like you mentioned, all those good books, just waiting to be read. P.S. Your barn is wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing this week on the Art of Home-Making Mondays :)

  5. What a lovely post! I do heat my home primarily with wood so I have two cords stacked in my garage ready to go. We've been using the wood stove on cold days although right now we are experiencing Indian Summer on our mountain top - weird, we already had some snow and now summer again. I love your blog - this is my first visit and won't be my last!!

  6. Not really looking forward to winter.... but we are getting ready nonetheless!

    Thanks for sharing at the Our Simple Homestead Blog Hop!

  7. Thank you for sharing your post at Our Simple Homestead.
    The cows look cozy in their winter shelter :)

  8. Love your post, I love the change of seasons and getting ready for the colder weather coming. Thank you for sharing your post on Our Simple Homestead Blog Hop, as one of the co-hosts I will be featuring your post tomorrow! = Nancy - Nancy On The Home Front

  9. Great post, visiting from Oak Hill Homestead.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  10. Getting a few nippy mornings, love the crisp air. Time to close down the summer garden, plant some fall, and plant in the greenhouse my winter salad. This year we will have a cellar so ....moving can goods and supplies incase of storms will be first on my list. My area won't have to shut up the chicken house for a few more weeks. Find my reading material and knitting yarn! Happy winter everyone

  11. what a fabulous post...I did enjoy reading about your life on the farm...this is our first year to have cows and we expect to have a calf by the time winter rolls around again...most people around here leave their cows out in all weather but I would love my farmer to turn the old shed up near the veggie garden into a barn of sorts for them.....maybe I could score a neat hay loft too....I really love the one you have! Thank you for linking up with Cath@Home for Fun Friday Favourites and for leaving me a comment.


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