Monday, May 23, 2016

A Young Landscape

Our front landscape is still young.  It's a work in progress (aren't most things around here).

My original plantings (oh, those holy bushes) were ruined the first winter.  Last year I shared with you how I LANDSCAPED THE CHEAP AND FREE WAY.  This year I thought I'd share how the front landscaping is looking this Spring.

I absolutely love the curve of the sidewalk (thanks Hubby).  I want that, along with the brick foundation to always be dominant.  I also like the look of the black mulch...I always want to see that also.

I guess what I'm getting at is...
I don't like a cluttered look.  For this space, I want that 'less is more' look.
I'm hoping to achieve a serene feel, and of course... low maintenance!

As the wintergem bushes grow, I plan on keeping them trimmed to still highlight the brick, mulch, and curved sidewalk.  But, as they are still small, I felt like I needed to add some 'fillers'.

My Mom gave me some small dianthus' last year.  They weren't even blooming when she gave them to me.  WOW!  Look at them now.

I love the pop of color that they add and I'm diggin' how they help to fill the space.

I love to use rocks in a lot of my landscaping projects.  Rocks add substance all year round.

  They also provide a great back drop for these beautiful phlox.  Oh, I hope to keep them under control!

I used a few rocks at the base of my garden flag to help pretty up that rather bland pole.

When in bloom, this hyacinth stood so beautiful.

So as I add to this young landscape, I can't help but wonder...
As the bushes grow and fill in the space...
Will I be removing some of these 'fillers'?
Only time will tell.
See what I mean...always a work in progress ;-)

Happy Landscaping!


  1. Looks very pretty! I think you have it spaced perfect -looks elegant

  2. I think it all looks great. It will continue to look better each year. Nicely done!

  3. I love the simplicity. I guess if they get too big, you could always divide and give away the extras!

  4. I love dianthus and phlox! Nice porch you have there!!

  5. I love the simplicity of your landscape. Lovely!


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