Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thinning and Transplanting Seedlings

I am so pleased with how the seedlings are growing.  Although my first attempt at planting seeds was a failure (you can read about that HERE), I had such hope for the second seed planting.

These tomato seedlings are 3 1/2 weeks old.

Most everything needed to be thinned and transplanted to ensure continued, healthy growth.

I didn'tuse anything fancy or expensive to plant the seeds.  Instead I used egg shells, rinsed out.

To transplant the seedlings, I still chose to go frugal.  I used yogurt containers and Pringles chip containers (all rinsed out).

My Mom gave me some pots she had on hand from flowers that she had purchased.  I will hopefully be using these year after year.  They are the perfect size for planting 2 to 3 seedlings in.

Oh, in case you're wondering...those fancy plant markers...
a plastic knife (giggle).  Is that still being frugal or is it just plain cheap?  Well, it's what I had on hand.

Look at those roots!  Isn't it amazing how much this young plant has grown - roots, stems, leaves - all from the start of a seed.  It may sound quirky, but I get a little awestruck every day just observing the seedlings.  And to imagine the produce that will be harvested later in the season...all from the start of a tiny seed.  Thanks again Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds!

Any hoo...on with the thinning and transplanting.

I planted 2 to 3 seeds per egg shell (you can read about it HERE), hoping for at least one sprout.  Some did so well, that I needed to thin them so they could continue to grow without being overcrowded.  

I transplanted everything with the exception of a few egg shells holding kale.  The kale will hopefully go into the garden soon (earlier than the other plants).

To transplant, I carefully removed the young plants from the egg shell.  I then gently separated the stems into single ones.

I crumbled the egg shell directly into the soil that I put in the containers.  I mixed the soil and crumbled egg shell together.

I then planted the delicate seedling and gave them some water.  Just like when they were in the egg shells, I keep the soil moist but not saturated.

Here they are in front of a sunny window in my home office.

On a side note:  the spray bottle - yes for easy access to keep the soil moist, but it also deters my cats from being too curious (a squirt bottle is a training tool for cats).

Hardening off the plants is next...


  1. I've had good luck with certain seedlings like basil. I have also had luck with volunteers of tomatoes and basil. Others not so lucky except corn, but I only did that once, because it took to much water for how much it produced. xoxo Su

  2. Looks like you'll have a bumper crop! I've been craving tomatoes lately and haven't been successful growing them here. Too bad I don't live closer, I'd buy some from you!
    I also enjoy the sheer magic of seeds.

  3. Great job! I thinned my tomatoes a couple of weeks ago...peppers are next!

  4. I do mostly direct seed planting in my garden. It's hard for me to thin my rows of sprouts, but I know I have to do it. I need so few things like peppers and tomatoes it's easier to pick them up at the nursery ready to plant. - Margy


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