Monday, May 16, 2016

Using Old Galvanized Metal For Herbs And Flowers

Decorating with galvanized metal is hugely popular these days, with so many options to choose from.

But the metal I'm showing here today isn't something you can buy in a store.  These lovely pieces have served other purposes throughout their lifetime.

They are full of stories, I'm sure.

They are now in retirement years so to speak...

taking it easy...   just being pretty...   not working so hard.

Just look at the patina on this old bucket...that's the real deal, no faux painting done there.

I can almost hear my Grandpa...he would say something like, "That Lori is crazy!  She's using an old slop bucket to plant herbs in."

This bucket isn't even's all bubbled out at the bottom.

I don't know where I got this bucket from, but I'm sure it is full of stories about life on a farm.  It was probably filled many times to feed the livestock on a farm years ago.

But today in its retirement years...I let it rest against a brick column for a bit of stability.
It lovingly holds some dill.

This old watering can has the watering head missing, but is still beautiful to me.

She wears her beauty marks so well.

I bought this years ago at a yard sale for $1.

Can't you just invision a lovely older lady watering her geraniums or ferns with it?
She thought the piece to be useful, not imagining that years in the future some 'crazy lady' would plant flowers in it instead of watering flowers with it.

I chose a pretty pink begonia to plant in the watering can this year.  Once it fills out the green/red leaves and pink blooms will set this watering can off in full glory.

This little container also came from a yard sale.  I paid a whole quarter for it.
Although not as old, it fits in nicely with the other pieces, showing a bit of weathering on the handles.
It's perfect for holding some chives that I planted.  Looking forward to it filling in.

Next time you see an old weathered piece of metal, stop and listen to its story.  It just may need a new where it doesn't need to 'work' so hard, but be just as useful.

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  1. So many great ideas. They look so cute. I love using my mothers old washtub for my Spring garden. It does bring back the memories!

    1. From a wash tub to a garden it!

  2. Oh I just love how you re-purposed these treasures. Galvanized metal has such a wonderful patina. Have a wonderful flower filled week!

    1. Thanks Laura. Old treasures...they do have such a beauty to them.

  3. I always love planting in old galvanized buckets. Especially when I find leaky ones for very cheap at yard sales!

  4. Thanks Teri. I love using things with a story/past in and outside my home.

  5. Dear Lori:
    So glad to have you come link at my blog party. I love your repurposed pieces and you are right - yard sales and as you can see - Estate Sales too. Thanks for sharing and linking your sweet porch finds. I love the smell of dill - just walking by it on a hot day and smelling is comforting. Of course - now you have it for dill pickles too!

    1. This is my first time growing dill...I am hoping to make dill pickles this year ;-)

  6. I have rarely seen old ones around here, and those are really nice finds. I have one that I used on my dining table for two years, but I bought it new; I distressed it as soon as I purchased it, and now it looks old. xoxo Su

    1. I have seen many for way too much $. I suppose because these are 'flawed' they were passed up by many.

  7. great idea. love old galvanized anything!

  8. I too share your love for the old galvanized look, and have also reminisced about the stories that they surely have to tell! I love planting flowers in them too! Enjoyed your post today :)

  9. I love these kinds of pieces too! Thank you for sharing with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays at Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth! :)

  10. I adore old metal containers. They are so charming and full of character. So glad they have found a new purpose with you. Thank you for stopping by to share on The Maple Hill Hop!


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