Sunday, January 15, 2017

Chicken Keeping Through The Winter (The Natural Way)

Some things never change.  People have been keeping chickens for years.
Some things do change, such as the way people keep chickens.
Did you know that, generally speaking, chickens have a natural way of keeping warm?  Chickens can actually handle the cold of winter better than the heat of summer?
In my recent post for Community Chickens, we look at some similarities and changes over the years.  Back in the good 'ole days and today, many choose to raise chickens the natural way.  
Topics in this article include breeds, housing, keeping warm, and lighting.
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  1. Hi Lori,

    Thank you for the great article on Community Chickens.

    It's so nice to see in your pictures that you have snow on the ground. We have warm, wet, miserable, dirty winter so far with just a couple of cold spells.

    May I offer one more addition to how people kept their animals warm in the past? . . . Animal buildings were attached to the houses. It goes both ways, the house help keep the animal shed warm and the animal shed gave warmth to the house.

    They were really practical back then. I guess flies weren't an issue in the summer :)

    Enjoy your winter.


    1. Thanks for your comment Kimberly. Our snow has melted yet again and temperatures are in the 50's. I must say, I'm glad houses and barns aren't connected anymore. :-)

  2. Excellent article! Because we get such extreme cold here, I do have a heat lamp in the coop for the minus temps, but it is amazing that the bodies of chickens do seem to handle the cold well by fluffing up and roosting together. Reading the comment above - nope, I don't want my chicken coop by my house, lol! Glad that has changed!

    Great pictures you shared too :) Enjoyed your article today!


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