Monday, January 23, 2017

The Traveling Lilac Bush

It all started twenty some years ago...

I purchased my first home over twenty years ago.

In the yard was the most beautiful, big, fragrant white lilac bush.  

A start of that lilac bush has traveled with me throughout the years.

I have planted, nurtured, and watched a piece of that original lilac bush grow many times over.  

This is my fourth property to have a start of that lilac planted.

Starts have also been given to friends and family throughout the years.
Its growth and beauty never fail.

This picture is from my parent's property.
This beauty had humble beginnings...
It was just a start, many years ago.

We have been having quite a mix of weather this winter...
Frigid cold with snow.
Ice and sleet storms.
Chilly rain with high winds.
Warm, Spring like temperatures.
Only to be followed by cold again.

This tender start is just 1 1/2 years old.
She is excited, yet confused...
She has started to bud.

I had a little talk with her, explaining that she needed to continue to rest for a couple more months.
She doesn't need to be budding's not time.
I blew her a kiss and told her that I would welcome her with open arms in the Spring.

I hope she takes my advice to rest a little while longer.


  1. A beautiful post! Spring......springs eternal.

  2. I love that you have taken your bush with you everywhere! Poor thing it's so confused with this nice warm weather we are having. I hope it listens to you! Have a great day Lori!

    1. I know you're having this crazy weather too. Warm today, but back to freezing temps this weekend...

  3. Ahhh I hope she will listen to you, we saw trees budding dwn here as well.

  4. How wonderful to have brought some of this beauty with you to grace each home you have enjoyed.
    I just noticed buds here in NC this week too! This weather is quite confusing!

  5. Oh my that is just an awesome story of your traveling lilac bush! How wonderful that you have been able to take it with you wherever you go! I planted a neighbor's lilac just outside my garden last fall. I hope they make the winter. No buds on anything yet here, we are still blanketed in snow, lol! Here's hoping your little lilac bush takes your advice!


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