Monday, September 1, 2014

A Little of This and a Little of That

A Little of This and a Little of That sounds like one of my Mom's recipes, but it is actually what we did this weekend around Double L Farm.

Shane and I dug some taters from the garden...didn't get as many as we thought we would, but we are learning.  Shane and Kara mowed down the garden.  It has since rained and is to muddy to use the rotor-tiller.  I want to plant some lettuce and kale seeds to harvest as the weather cools.

The girls cleaned out the chicken coop and laid down new straw.  I took pictures of the cleaned inside, so I can post about our chicken coop - it is made from mostly reclaimed materials.

In the barn - cleaned alpaca poo, put down new straw.  Shane built a tall shelf in one corner of the barn for storage and to free up more space on the floor.  How have we gotten so much stuff?  (We lived in a one story home with no basement and no barn before this.)

We did a lot of mowing - Kendall mowed with the riding mower (she enjoys mowing, which makes it nice for all of us ;-)).  Kara did some push mowing, her 1st time!  I trimmed around the house and some fencing with the weed eater.  A couple months ago, we bought a battery powered (rechargeable) trimmer, so now I cannot use the excuse that I can't get the gas powered one started!

4-wheeling (ATV) is one of my most favorite things to do - always has been!  My mom and her 9 siblings still own the "home place" where they grew up.  It has about 200 acres that we ride on.  Here at LL Farm, we have some slightly rolling woods behind the house and beyond the creek (couple of acres).  Shane bush hogged (probably not the correct term, but what I know it as) the 4-wheeler paths in the woods.  Come along on the 4-wheeler with me to see....

First, we cross through the creek.  It's bearly moving...need rain!

 Can you smell the woods?  Aahh...

Oops!  We better turn around, here comes Shane.

Have you seen the Walton's episode where John builds a gazebo for Olivia?  I think this would be a perfect spot for our gazebo (and Shane agrees).  Hopefully someday...  

Oh, I almost forgot...we did get a small nap in after church on Sunday.  There is always something to do at LL Farm.  Glad to have gotten so much done this weekend, because the week ahead is filled with tennis and volleyball for the girls.

I hope you had a great weekend...what projects did you tackle?  I would love to hear from you!


  1. You have a beautiful much and do you own?

  2. l love going on quad rides! That's what we call it. There are numerous forestry roads near our property and we love to take a picnic and spend a day on the roads. Such beautiful scenery and so many things to look at. We usually stop for lunch at an old wooden bridge that crosses a babbling creek. The sounds of the water running, the clean smell of the water and the lush growth of ferns makes it such a peaceful place for a picnic. Your property is beautiful as well. Glad you got so much done this past weekend.

    1. Your rides combined with a picnic sound great! We usually have drinks and maybe a snack...need to do a lunch in the woods. Thanks for the idea.


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